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Client Relations

Whether you are a patient or family on the heels of suspected malpractice or neglect and need expertise and advocacy or an attorney interested in expanding or optimizing services for your clients, there is a CRS available to meet your need. 

Messages received in the Contact Us or Chat will be triaged to a CRS depending on your location. 

Care Liaison

Our care liaisons serve in a variety of capacities to make life and navigating your health challenges easier! Currently serving parts of West TN.

As a patient care liaison, I look forward to working closely with clients and their families to ensure quality healthcare is provided in a timely manner.

As a member of the healthcare community, I understand that having medical needs can be stressful and confusing. With 18+ years in the medical profession, I am available to provide support in the home as well as clinical setting. It would be my pleasure helping you or your loved one schedule aftercare services following patient release from a medical facility, understand health care procedures, assist with and/or provide transportation to and from appointments, advocate for quality care, and assist in providing a safe client home environment as well as other agreed upon services. I would be honored to serve as your healthcare and safety advocate.



Shannon Huff Murphy

Apply Today

If you are passionate about advocacy, have experience in networking with legal or healthcare professionals, and/or counseling, casework, or patient care, you might be interested in exploring opportunities on our growing team!

Email your "why" and a resume to:

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