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Client Team

Whether you are a patient or family on the heels of suspected malpractice or neglect and need expertise and advocacy, there is a Client Relationship Specialist available to meet your need. Start your journey with Truth & Honor by contacting us directly here or feel free to reach out using the details below.

Messages received in the Contact Us or Chat will be triaged to a CRS depending on your location.


Attorneys click here. Ask about our member login for discussion and peer to peer support.


"In my career as a leader in law enforcement, a mentor, an investigator, I have always believed that integrity and truth must be our compass. Many people need truth in order to move forward: to heal, to make sound choices, and to bring accountability and justice. At Truth & Honor TN, we seek to reveal TRUTH so that honor may be upheld." -B. Jones, President and founder of Truth & Honor TN, Inc 


Billy Jones, President

Apply Today

If you are passionate about advocacy, have experience in networking with legal or healthcare professionals, and/or counseling, casework, or patient care, or are a licensed private investigator or law enforcement officer interested in PI work, you might be interested in exploring opportunities on our growing team!

Email your "why" and a resume to:

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