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New attorney firms, please first contact our National Corp Account Director, Nancy L Hill.

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Contact info for Regional Account Directors for TN and the Southeast listed below.


We are an investigative firm licensed for full suite private investigation in select states but nationally we are focused on medical review and consultation regarding the quality and appropriateness of care based on retrospective forensic analysis of medical records paired with client testimony.


Among our suite of services, we have highly experienced MD, PhD, PharmD, mid levels, and BSN/MSN collaborators/contractors across specialties that compose our medical review team, and we have confidence that we can be great contributors to the efforts of attorneys like you, looking to protect constitutional freedoms, hold wrongdoers accountable, and gain justice for your clients. Our process is thorough and review presentations are unmatched. 


Additional services that may be of interest:

Insight for Building Strategy:

*healthcare administrative experts that provide insight and consult on quality and decision making in the care process

*insight and strategy consults in other areas of expertise (ex. law enforcement, human resources, finance, tax, investigation)


Auditing services:

*forensic medical chart audit

*medical billing audit

*financial audit


Others to note:

*medical malpractice validation letters where appropriate

*expert testimony, we source and vet in various areas

*background checks

*full suite investigation such as skip tracing, surveillance, and cyberwork and workman's comp investigation available in select states


"In my career as a leader in law enforcement, a mentor, an investigator, I have always believed that integrity and truth must be our compass. Many people need truth in order to move forward: to heal, to make sound choices, and to bring accountability and justice. At Truth & Honor TN, we seek to reveal TRUTH so that honor may be upheld." -B. Jones, President and founder of Truth & Honor TN, Inc 


Billy Jones, President

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If you are passionate about advocacy, have experience in networking with legal or healthcare professionals, and/or counseling, casework, or patient care, or are a licensed private investigator or law enforcement officer interested in PI work, you might be interested in exploring opportunities on our growing team!

Email your "why" and a resume to:

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