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Financing Recommendations

While our goal is to keep costs affordable and feasible as we work with patients and families directly, we know that many of our clients have financial difficulty related to their tragic circumstances (loss of a loved one without a life insurance policy, loss of income, and/or excessive medical expenses for example).


In most cases, it is essential that your medical investigation and review is completed as soon as possible for a variety of reasons including statute of limitations and ability to gain access to all relevant documents.

For these reasons, we have explored financing options for small personal loans for our potential clients and have found the following to be reliable and user friendly.



Compare rates from multiple lenders in minutes.


Get a flexible, transparent, and convenient way to pay over time.

Search Truth & Honor, select pay with a virtual card or see their Debit+ option under "How It Works".

Lending Tree

May the best loan win.
Shop and compare everything. Even loans.

Your Local Bank or Credit Union

If you are a member of a local credit union or have been a loyal banking customer, a small personal loan through the local branch may be an ideal option for you. This also often comes with the advantage of being able to see your lender face to face with any questions or concerns.

Tap Into Your Support Network

IF you have family or a community who would like to contribute towards your expenses, please share this link with them. After they donate, they can send a copy of your donation receipt and intended recipient information to

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