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Medical Investigation  Consultation & Portfolio


A complete medical investigations consult includes a portfolio containing the following:

*Client testimonial-summary of key concerns and complete interview transcription 

*Medical Review-template includes overall opinion, key events/timeline, key findings with evidence to support, and references

*Consultation Meeting-discussion between medical expert and client to thoroughly review findings

*Optional 5 hours of Biblical based grief counseling with staff pastor

Spiritual & Emotional Healing Ministry


Injury and/or loss, especially when it's unexpected and when we feel others actions or lack of action was at fault can create trauma and leave you with feelings of:

  • Grief

  • Anger

  • Resentment

  • Regret

  • Abandonment, and more

Our spiritual consultants can help you start the healing process with a Biblical based and Holy Spirit led approach.

Consulting for Attorneys and Expert Testimony 


Allow Truth & Honor to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your medical investigations. With healthcare professionals at every level and in an array of specialty areas bringing years of expertise, we don't just give medical opinion but ensure it is comprehensive, evidence based, and credible. 

Need expert testimony? We have a vast network of colleagues in almost every area of medical care at every level of practice. With one call, we can match you with an expert perfect for your unique needs.

Mother Daughter Portrait
Quality Assurance


Happy & Healthy Superior quality care environments you can brag about! We know you already take pride in what you do. Let us take your Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing, or Assisted Living Home to the next level.

Our non-bias surveys and reviews by medical professionals experienced in auditing, long-term or nursing home care, and/or quality and risk are structured to give you insight into how you are perceived from an inspector’s lens and gauge patient and client feedback that you can use to focus on improvement and celebrating excellence. Preparedness & Reduced Liability Never worry about a surprise inspection or dread findings. You can be confident and transparent when you are always prepared. We base the foundation of our reviews on the accreditation, as well as the experience and input of our experts to help you achieve best in practice care.

Military/Veteran Resources


Also offering dedicated resources with years of relevant experience for government care review for active military and veterans.

Advocacy Networking

If you are at a place where our services are not the best fit for where you are in your course of care, we will try to connect you to someone who can help.

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