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What if you don't get tomorrow?

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today."

I always thought that meant to be more productive, more effective, more accomplished...until someone I loved more than life itself was diagnosed with cancer.

I realized that the moments we get today may be the last we ever get. They may be the last we ever get with the ones we love exactly how things are, and even if things aren't perfect, what if someone I couldn't fathom living without were completely gone the next day? It makes you rethink how you spend your moments.

What would you say if you knew today was "it"? All you get?

What would you want to experience again or how would you spend your day if you knew you would never get another chance? Who would you want to talk to: mend bridges, heal wounds, hug one last time, hear them laugh?

Nearly EVERY client we've had would tell you this. They each recall the very moment in their story where everything changed, the moment that they wish they had been able to get a glimpse into the future and perhaps decide differently.

Today's blog post is written from a place of empathy and perhaps urgency and a sense of gratitude for this moment: the one where my problems are small compared to the blessings of love in my life. I give thanks for health, family, friendship, a home, and my God that is my provider and my strength. I pray that in the good moments we (all of us, as people, as community, as a country even, as a world) can worship together, and I pray that when one of us find ourselves in a day of pain or fear or loss that we can lift the other up.

From a humble member of the Truth & Honor Team, I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and blessed, but if you find yourself on our page because that's not the case, I pray we can help you find the hope, peace, and joy again. Don't waste today with bickering over little things or finding yourself focused on the waves. Tell those you love that you love them. Enjoy every bite of food you eat, savor it. Sleep well and breathe deeply. Remember that this moment only happens once. Don't miss the good in it. We never know how tomorrow could be different.

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